Animals: to Eat or Not to Eat?

In the book, Eating Animals, author Jonathan Safran Foer shares his research on what it truly means to be someone that eats animals in our current industrialized society. Because of today’s total access to technology, knowledge about factory farms and animal suffrage continue to spread like wildfire, meaning most people have at least some basic understanding of what is really going on. Sharing knowledge is easy, but the hard part is that not everyone grows up with the same exact education and values towards animals, which makes it more difficult to switch that eating habit. Throughout the book, Foer provides hisContinue readingAnimals: to Eat or Not to Eat?

Sharks vs Dinosaurs: Until We Meet Again

  “I found one over here!” Marvin, and Mackerel shark, shouted to his brother, and he chased the school of fish. All of a sudden, Marvin felt a jerk and then all he could see was everything around him spinning. Instantly, he knew he got himself caught in a wave caused by the storm above the water. He could feel it all morning and had been cautious not to get caught, unfortunately he just was not so lucky this time. The wave crashed onto the shore as lightning pierced through the sky following the booming sound of thunder. Marvin feltContinue readingSharks vs Dinosaurs: Until We Meet Again

Humankind’s Lasting Impression: Positive or Negative?

Earth has experienced many extinctions throughout its course, whether that be of large proportion or even simply a small species who we may not have even been aware of. When talking about mass extinctions, in the last 500 million years, we have had 5 that fall under that umbrella. The premise of Kolbert’s’ The Sixth Extinction is to inform us as readers that there is a sixth extinction upon us, and we are the catalyst for this extinction which is said to be the most disastrous since that of the dinosaurs. Georges Cuvier was the first person to say thatContinue readingHumankind’s Lasting Impression: Positive or Negative?

If You Could Erase Humans, Would You? By Dessa Douglas

The Sixth Extinction by Elizabeth Kolbert explores the five mass extinctions that have taken place over the last half a billion years, as well as the sixth extinction that is currently taking place. Kolbert discusses and investigates extinct animals from the great auk to rhinos. As well as problems the planet is facing from the acidification of the oceans to how plants are going to deal with a changing climate. As you read this book, one thing becomes increasingly clear, humans are at the root of most of these problems and animal extinctions. I found this book to be quite aContinue readingIf You Could Erase Humans, Would You? By Dessa Douglas

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I Cannot “Bear” The Lack of Companionship — A Reflective Review

It is arguable that with the wide diversity of living conditions, species and relationships that can be formed by all types of animals that priority and personality are two key traits we as humans see in animals. The most common time we see this is in household pets; cats are known to be sassy and careless, whereas dogs are often fun loving and energetic. Although these traits are interchangeable and endless, the most common trait we see within household pets is companionship. In Marian Engel’s novella Bear, readers understand the different levels and importance’s that companionship may hold, especially withContinue readingI Cannot “Bear” The Lack of Companionship — A Reflective Review

A Discussion On Human-Animal Relationships: Positive or Consequential?

The relationships between humans and animals have been evident since our very existence. For over 10,000 years we have had domesticated animals by our side. Human-animal relationships have been seen all over the world throughout history, even though the term “human-animal bond” was not coined until the late 1970’s (Zinn and Beck 5). It seems as though our relationships with animals was so natural that we did not think twice about it. But have our relationships with animals gone too far? Have these relationships been detrimental to the Earth? These questions are hard to answer since us humans have aContinue readingA Discussion On Human-Animal Relationships: Positive or Consequential?

Animals in containment: safe or harmful?

The containment of animals in society: Today’s society is full of people enjoying zoos and wildlife parks for their diverse collection of animals. It can be an entertaining day for the whole family while still being educational and supporting the good cause of conservation; however, McGiffin points out in “Containing animals” that most profits made by zoos don’t actually go towards the animals or conservation at all (McGiffin 2021). This leads to the question of whether it is morally acceptable to keep animals in confinement if they aren’t receiving the proceeds promised to benefit them. Though it is found thatContinue readingAnimals in containment: safe or harmful?

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People and Animals by Hector Li

The relationship between people and animals is complex. Notably, evolution biology argues that we are all products of the process, implying that we, Homo sapiens, evolved from monkeys at some point in history. It is a difficult idea to reconcile and even insulting to some people, but a curious one at the same time. Perhaps our animalistic origin accounts for why we visit zoos with such inquisitiveness. If people indeed evolved from monkeys, then humans like to think of themselves as the most advanced in the process of evolution. Certainly, not all people will admit to such school of thought,Continue readingPeople and Animals by Hector Li

Grin and Bear it by Nathalie Kurkjian

Just grin and bear it, a personal reflection By Nathalie Kurkjian Bear is a novel written by Canadian author Marian Engel. The general premise of the book revolves around the relationship loner librarian Lou develops with a Bear she is charged with caring for. For me, Bear was a rollercoaster of emotions, ranging from awe to jarring anxiety. It brought up many mixed feelings and made me seriously think about the impact this book has probably had on anyone else who has read it. I remember a good example of these mixed emotions came in the form of weekly check-inContinue readingGrin and Bear it by Nathalie Kurkjian

Companion Animals: Love, Lust and Everything in-Between – Andrew Kempf

Humans seek companionship through many forms of relationships, generally, it’s mutual between humans, non-mutual with robots or some sort of artificial intelligence, and somewhere in between with animals. However, with animals, there is a fine line between what is mutual and what is non-mutual. For instance, some animals seem to enjoy human company, such as a dog who ceaselessly fetches a ball and barks as if upset when it becomes “repetitive, boring work” for the human. Other animals seem to despise human company, such as those dogs ironically dressed up as hot dogs, or tacos, avocados, even sushi. Not onlyContinue readingCompanion Animals: Love, Lust and Everything in-Between – Andrew Kempf

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